Use of the private swimming pool

For safety and comfort, we have installed an automatic roller shutter. 

This is operated with the key on the wooden pole at the pool terrace. 

Please always close the pool in the evening, it retains the warmth of the water longer and reduces soiling by leaves and insects.

For safety reasons, the roller shutter will stop if you release the lock. The start and end position of the shutter is set, so you can't let the shutter come too far and the operation will stop automatically. 

There should be no more objects in the water, they can damage the roller shutter.

Please always take a shower before entering the water, especially if you use sunscreen products. 

They are very harmful to the filter of the swimming pool (clogging).

The shower is heated by the sun, so be careful not to turn on the tap too hot.

The outside shower is on rainwater. If the cistern is empty please contact our contact person who will switch to ordinary water. 

If the water level is almost below the skimmers, you will have to refill the water yourself with the garden hose, otherwise this may hinder the proper functioning of the roller shutter and the filter. Please take care not to waste water.

The lighting control is located in the outdoor kitchen (white switch above the sink).

Watch out for diving. The maximum depth is 1.60m.

Children who are not yet house trained should wear a special diaper for in the water. 

Classic diapers are not allowed.

It is strictly forbidden to leave pets in the pool.

There is a scoop net + brush to remove dirt.

Please never touch the technical installation, pumps or valves yourself. 

Maintenance takes place at least once a week. Do not add any products to the pool yourself. If you think an intervention is necessary (water too cold, soil too dirty, water gets a green color) please notify us or our contact person.

Anyone who causes damage will be held liable!

Heating the pool

The pool is open from 1 May to the end of September, but this rule may be waived if the weather permits (outside temperature of at least 20 degrees).

The pool can be heated using a heat pump, but please note that your electricity consumption will be higher than normal.

If you wish to heat the water, please let us know, as certain settings must first be made in the technical room.

Setting the water temperature:

Start the machine and choose the desired mode (see previous instructions). 

Press to display "SET" and the desired water temperature.

Set the desired value using the + or - buttons and wait a few seconds until it is automatically stored.

Use of the common pool...

Please respect the pool rules

(common pool next our house) 

Pool Rules  

Please observe the following points and take your responsibility to ensure everyone's enjoyment of swimming and guarantee a pleasant stay.

The pool can be used between 8am and 22h in the evening. After your swim, thank you for closing the pool by the mechanical shutter 

(to be used with the key outside the equipment room). Be careful that there are no more objects in the water that can block the store!

Before going for a swim in the pool, take a shower

The pool is unsupervised. You swim at your own risk. Children must be under the supervision of parents or accompanying adult. 

You are responsible for your safety.

Be careful when diving. The maximum depth is 1.60m.

Owners can in no case be held responsible for accidents, theft or damage.

Please ensure that the children went to the toilet before entering the pool.

All users must keep clean sanitary room.

For hygienic reasons it is not ok to wear shorts in the pool.

Pets are strictly prohibited in and around the pool, even on a leash.

Do not go to swim directly after coating of sunscreen products. First take a shower. These products contain fats that can pollute the water 

and block the pool filters.

Always dispose of hairpins, which can cause rust and damage the filters. Thank you not to let your toys, mattresses and other accessories in 

and around the pool, so that technical maintenance can take place without problems.

In order not to disturb the tranquility of the area, radios are not allowed in the pool.

Do not let your waste! Thank you to respect the environment.