Adress:  Route de Sarrouil 3530 46130 Loubressac  France       First house

                                 GPS coordinates: length 1,7992 and width 44,8441                                                                                         

Check-in: 13:00h        Check-Out: 09:00h

Key: on the spot (the exact location and the code was send by mail)

Pasword wifi: R2h66gmTubiWRnVX4i         (or scan the QR)

No linen service : bring your own bed and bath linen

Do not forget to note the initial and final position of the meter readings

 (position 9) for the electricity consumption

Smoking is prohibited inside the house

AIRCO: all working devices must have the same temperature setting 

Swimming pool: the water level must be at least halfway through the skimmers, if not refill yourself with the garden hose

Barbecue: do not use firewood and clean the grill

Close the umbrellas on excursion and departure

At the end of your stay, leave the outdoor kitchen tidy and empty all the fridges

Contact person on site

Francis Ayroles         GSM: +33 671066483



Au Coeur du Bonheur


 Au Coeur du Bonheur


Hans Demaeght                         

Ludwine Vancompernolle


Paul Lamouret      mobile:    +33 670800222

                                               +33 565117143

Evazion Piscine 46

Croix Blanche

46130 St-Michel Loubéjou