From the house you can make beautiful walks and at the same time explore a place of interest in the region.

Walk to Padirac partly in the shade and about 1 hour there, 1 hour back (same way back).

Easy walk, but still put on sturdy shoes. No slopes, but in many places very uneven.

After the entrance of the domain turn left. A little further on the right you have the road to the top view of the waterfall but you don't take it. Go about there diagonally to the left where there is a footpath leading to a memorial. Cross the road and continue along the footpath. A little further on you have a fork where you have to keep left to reach the parking of the "Gouffre de Padirac".

To visit :

Le gouffre de Padirac. Very beautiful and impressive. 

It's best to order access tickets online in advance, then ski the long queue. 

Be sure to bring a pull because it's relatively fresh there!

Walk all the way to Autoire

Time to spare : half day (4 to 5 hours) depending on the stops. 

Steps, climbs and descents, with secure stairs and sure to do, but not with too small children. Lots of height differences, some climbing or clambering here and there. A good physical condition is necessary.

Sturdy shoes, sun hat, backpack with water. Lots of shady stretches and very nice views over the valley. 

Still a somewhat adventurous trip if you can end up under the waterfall to refresh yourself. You can choose between a long way back or a short but steep way back.

After the entrance of the domain turn left. A little further on the right 

side you have the road to the upper view of the waterfall. 

From the top view you follow the footpath 

"Chateau des Anglais / Pied de la Cascade".


Wandeling tot in het dorp Loubressac   

Via verschillende paadjes,  Na de inrit van het domein naar links. Iets verder heb je aan de 

rechterkant de weg naar het bovenzicht van de waterval. 

Neem het eerste of het 2e pad links en volg steeds rechtdoor. 

Uiteindelijk kom je ter hoogte van het dorp uit waar je aan een splitsing de weg links 

omhoog neemt. Zo kom je aan het kerkhof uit in Loubressac.  



Walk to the cheese factory in Le Rouquet in Loubressac (Fresh goat's cheese Rocamadour)

After the entrance of the domain turn left. A little further you have the road to the waterfall on your right but you don't take it. Approximately opposite, turn left where there is a footpath that leads to a memorial via the solar pole field.
Turn right there (you can also do that 50 meters in front of it, then you go via a nice shortcut). 

all the way to Le Rouquet. 

From there you can walk all the way back to Loubressac.

Walks from the centre of Thégra

Several signposted walks depart from the centre of Thégra


10 km :

Castle of Castelnau in Bretenoux.  

Walk around the castle or visit it. 


15 km:


Hiking in a natural park with wild animals from the region


Like Loubressac and Autoire listed village

Has a church with a nice entrance

20 km :

Rocamadour : medieval town, pilgrimage village. 

Could be crowded, but you should have seen it. 

Beautiful location against the rocks and tourist shopping streets.

* La Fôret des Singes: a nature walk among the monkeys

* Le Rocher des Aigles: bird show with birds of prey

25 km :

Martel: cozy town with 7 towers

Discover the valley of the Dordogne with a 

steam train

For those who love reptiles, there is also 


30 km

Dorpje Collonges la Rouge : Red sandstone village. 

Special and cozy with nice shops and restaurants.


60 km

Sarlat la Canéda : capital of the Périgord. 

Very nice, well worth a visit.


65 km

Saint Cirq Lapopie : proclaimed the most beautiful village in France in 2011. 

Historic and listed, beautiful view of the valley of the Lot.

Many cafes and restaurants and nice shops. Highly recommended!

Also a departure point for

a canoe trip on the Lot

To visit: The foot of the waterfall (cascade) of Autoire 

(incl Chateaux des Anglais) and also the village Autoire.

You can e.g. eat a dish of the day in Auberge de la Fontaine. 

and then start the way back

By car

There is a resto/cafeteria "les remparts" with playground and very child friendly. 

You can get tasty pizzas and regional dishes at democratic prices. 

Beautiful view.  Reservation recommended.


La Roque -Gageac



At a short distance from each other 

you can string these pearls together

on a wonderful trip