Holiday home Au Coeur du Bonheur

3530 route de Sarrouil in 46130 Loubressac France 

The first house on your right.

You will soon be leaving for our holiday home in the Lot 

also tips for excursions and hikes in the area

Welcome to our info page, here you will find, besides all kinds of useful information

Our contact person on site:

Francis Ayroles         mobile: +33 671066483













Heating /


Outdoor kitchen




Garden / 



Important: In case of a power failure (e.g. after a thunderstorm) it is possible that the main switch has failed ! 

This is located in the right-hand box on the street side at the level of the separation with the swimming pool.

Au Coeur du Bonheur    ….   Of which our heart is full

from 1:00 p.m. In the morning the cleaning service and pool maintenance are busy to make everything ready for you.

We no longer send keys by post. 

You will receive the key on the spot from our contact person or it will take place at a pre-arranged place.                            

Or you can pick up the key in advance from us in Sint-Denijs if you prefer.         

You will receive 1 key of the outside door on the side (entrance living room). 

Attention, you can only open and close the doors after you have first turned the latch upwards.

The other keys (storage room, mailbox and a spare key) are in the wall cupboard of the bedroom downstairs.

You can park your car on the driveway, but right opposite your holiday home there is a large parking for several cars.

Behind the house there are 2 bins that you can use for glass and recyclable waste but you have to empty them yourself before you leave. 

At the entrance of the domain there are 3 garbage containers, so please sort your garbage in: 

1/ recyclable (paper, cardboard, tinplate, plastic and bricks) for the green container.

2/ the non-recyclable residual waste must be placed in a rubbish bag in the brown container

3/ all waste glass must be put in a glass container, which can be found in the centre of the village (past the grocery store), 

    or 500 meters from the domain in the hamlet Sarrouil in Chemin de Montanet (=1st street on the right if you leave the domain on the right). 

The containers are emptied regularly, in case they are overcrowded please deposit your garbage bags in the Loubressac container park or in Chemin de Montanet. 

You have to bring your own bed and bath linen. Blankets and sleeping pillows are provided.

The double bed downstairs measures 1m60, the double bed upstairs is 1m 40, the single beds measure 90 cm.

In the kitchen there is a large fridge with separate freezer compartment. In the storage room + in the outdoor kitchen there are extra fridges.

In Loubressac itself there is a grocery shop where you can buy fresh bread every day from 8.30 am (best ordered in advance). 

In the centre of Thegra (5 km, direction Gramat) there is a bakery which is open from 7 am (closing day on Wednesday).

in St-Céré (10 km):   Carrefour / Leclerc  / Aldi /  SPAR / Leaderprice 

in Gramat (10 km):    Carrefour / Leclerc / Lidl 

In the centre of St-Céré and Gramat, + also in the supermarkets of Leclerc

Network = LIVEBOX-B930    Paswoord= R2h66gmTubiWRnVX4i      (or scan de QR-code).     

In case of a thunderstorm, please disconnect the modem from the electricity network. To do this, simply turn off the switch on the distribution box under the stairs.

After a thunderstorm, it is not abnormal that the quality of the Internet connection is less than usual. 

This normalizes automatically after a while.

You must note the meter meter reading on arrival and departure. You will find it in the wall cupboard in the bedroom downstairs. 

Please note that there are several views (day and night consumption, ...) and you must press the selection button until you 

see counter 9 (total consumption in kWh). 

This last counter (position 9) shows the total consumption, please note it down!     

You can also take a picture of it and e-mail it to us together with the consumption form.

The company's electrical box is located on the street side in the right-hand box near the partition with the swimming pool (on the left side of the hedge). 

In principle, you will not need it unless the main switch has failed (sometimes happens after a thunderstorm with lightning strikes).

In the bedroom downstairs is the main fuse box that powers the other fuse boxes.

In the storeroom, the small fuse box above the toilet contains the main fuse for the tower section. 

In the tower itself (in the attic) is the fuse box for the new part (bathroom upstairs, ... ).

In the outdoor kitchen there is a separate fuse box in the cupboard under the electric fire for the technical part of the pool and kitchen appliances.

The boiler for the hot water upstairs can be switched on and off separately with a switch in the bathroom (side column wall to toilet). 

If you only use the ground floor it is best to check if the boiler upstairs is not on unnecessarily.

The switch for the water fountain near the large terrace is located against the low side of the terrace wall. 

There is 1 digital TV (dish reception with TV-Flanders + various channels) + DVD player.  You need 2 remote controls.

If you want to watch TV-Flanders, you have to turn on the TV with the remote control of the TV (the choice is already correct on input via HDMI). 

and control the volume. Changing the transmitter is done with the 2nd remote control of the satellite dish. 

Not all preprogrammed transmitters are available, but you still have a very wide range to choose from.    In case of thunderstorms the reception may be disturbed

The heat pump provides both cooling and heating.

There are 4 indoor appliances (in the dining / living / mezzanine / bedroom upstairs). 

You only need to enter the desired temperature via the corresponding remote control. There is a detailed manual available.

Important: if you have several units working at the same time, they must all have the same temperature setting!

Please tidy up and leave neat and tidy, so that it is pleasant for the next tenant. 

Regularly clean the filter of the dishwasher! All utensils of the outdoor kitchen should be stored in the appropriate cupboards. Please do not mix with the indoor kitchen utensils.

Light the barbecue with firelighters and use charcoal and do not take wood from our wood storage, please. It's for the fireplace. There is enough wood in the nature around you. You will have to turn off the air conditioning before you can barbecue or the smoke will spread. It may take a few minutes before the fan stops, that's normal.

Please do not leave the hammock hanging in the rain. Be sure to close all umbrellas in the evening and when you go out, so as not to be surprised in case of a thunderstorm ... 

You may only use the fireplace in the living room after the summer season, but only with the glass down. When lighting and each time you fill up with wood, you must open the air flap by lifting the lever in the upper right corner. As soon as the fire is burning properly, you must drop the lever back down.

As you will notice, we have tried to create a nice garden. May we ask that you and your children respect the plantings? Access to the swimming pool is only via the planned path and not through the lavender bushes, please, or via the embankment. By the way, the walls and the slope are dangerous, many rocks are loose!

We wish you a lot of sun and little rain, but do you think about the plants when it hasn't rained for a long time?  

You can spray with the garden hose or watering can, especially the potted plants will thank you. 

Don't forget to...

1.    Leave the house no later than 9 a.m.

2.    Do the dishes and put all the kitchen utensils back in place

3.    Make up the beds again

4.    Remove all rubbish (glass to glass container, do not leave with the bins)

5.    Empty all fridges and empty the dishes (also in the summer kitchen!)

6.    To clean the sinks of the showers, you can just take them out without using a screwdriver.

7.    Flush the contents of a bag of "Eparcyl" in the toilet (activates the biological action of the sceptic tank and avoids odour nuisance). 

      There is always a supply in the bathroom. If you rent for several weeks, this may also be done in between.

You can use 

2 pools:

 in our garden we have 

a private pool

and on the domain 

next to our house 

there is still 

a communal swimming pool


Roller shutter


Level of the water






Heatebal private pool of 10 x 4,5 meter

Shared swimming pool of 12 x 6 meters

Useful adresses

Holiday home Au Coeur du Bonheur

Pool maintenance:

Paul Lamouret         Mobile: +33 670800222

from 1 May to the end of September, extendable weather permitting (outdoor temperature of at least 20 degrees)

For safety and comfort, we have installed an automatic roller shutter. 

The shutter is operated with the key on the wooden pole at the pool terrace.         

Please always close the pool in the evening, it retains the warmth of the water longer and reduces soiling by leaves and insects.

For safety reasons, the roller shutter stops when you release the lock. Start and end positions are set, so you can't let the shutter come too far and the operation will stop automatically. 

There should be no more objects in the water, these can damage the roller shutter.

Please always take a shower before entering the water, especially if you use sunscreen products. 

They are very harmful to the filter of the swimming pool (clogging).

The shower is heated by the sun, so be careful not to turn on the tap too hot.

The outside shower is on rainwater. If the cistern is empty please contact our contact person who will switch to ordinary water.     

Important: If the water level is almost below the skimmers, you will need to refill the water with the garden hose.

The control of the lighting is located in the outdoor kitchen (white switch above sink)

Watch out for diving. The maximum depth is 1.60m. The pool starts shallow and is therefore child friendly.

Children who are not yet house-trained should wear a special diaper for in the water. Classic diapers are not allowed.

It is strictly forbidden to leave pets in the pool.

There is a scoop net to remove dirt. 

Please never touch the technical installation, pumps or valves yourself. Anyone who causes damage will be held liable!

Maintenance takes place at least once a week, usually on Saturday or Monday. Do not add any products to the pool yourself. 

If you think that an intervention is necessary (water is too cold, soil too dirty, water gets a green colour) please notify us or the contact person.

The water maintenance is based on salt electrolysis. No chlorine is used.

On the grounds next to the house there is a swimming pool which is shared by 5 houses. 

You may also use it, it is slightly larger but unheated.

The key of the roller shutter is located with the other keys in the bedroom downstairs.

Please respect the peace and quiet of the other people who use it and the neighbours around you. 

After 22 hours, the communal swimming pool must be closed. 

In case of technical problems, please contact our back neighbour Hans Steensels (chalet), he is usually present. Otherwise you have to inform us about the problems.

Medische urgentie



Ziekenhuis in St - Céré




Dokters in Gramat

Dokters in St - Céré












medical urgent


Fire brigade

Hospital in St - Céré


anti-poison centre


Docters in Gramat

Docters in  St - Céré


Lou Cantou

Le Relais de Castelnau

Crêperie “Le vieux pigeonnier”



Auberge de la Fontaine


Le Fénélon                        


Le Limargue    


Hostellerie du Causse, route Cahors        

Le Relais des Gourmands, avenue du Gare    

La Charmille                    

Victor Hugo                    

Les 3 soleils de Montal    (Michelin *)        

Les Remparts 

Le Beaulieu




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